A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

The greek ninja is a game made for the greek mytholojam (game jam).

You are a ninja visiting Athens, when you came to see the Parthenon it  exploded, so you have to travel around the world to find the fragments of it to rebuild it!

Report any glitches, or comment your recommendations in the comment section! Thank you.

This version of the game is a demo, so it's about 5-10 minutes long.


-Add an animated intro

-Make a much bigger map

-Develop the story

-Add more bosses

-Reach (non-demo) version 1.0! :D

Install instructions

1. Extract the folder in the .rar file

2. Run the .exe / .app

3. Have fun!


TheGreekNinja v0.8 Windows 27 MB
TheGreekNinja v0.8 Mac 28 MB


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needs a better introduction to the world. zoom out the camera in general and try to create a more distinguishable environment. also consider making a tutorial/starting area